Device belongs to user, One year warranty and subscription fee
Outright payment
per user per month, billed annually
3 months installment plan, Free Installation in selected areas(Lagos)
Monthly for 3months
per user per month, billed annually
Monthly Subscription
(For Companies)
Monthly payment plan, Zero renewal or subscription fee
per user per month
per user month, billed annually

Full Features List

Prepaid Package Available
Activity, task & pipeline management
API access
Zapier integration
Connect to 1,000+ apps
Save lead lists (Smart Views)
Data import/export tools
Search & activity history
Two-factor authentication
Roles & permissions
Installment Package Available
2-way email sync (send/receive)
Email templates 5
Scheduling & reminders
Snooze & undo send
Email open & response tracking
Email & domain filtering
Exclude specific email addresses and domains from being synced for privacy reasons.
Bulk email sending
Email sequences
Subscription Packages Available
Global calling
Send/Receive SMS
SMS is enabled for US, CA, GB, and AU phone numbers.
Phone Number
Call Forwarding
External Phone Numbers
Make calls with phone numbers that you have with other providers.
Power Dialer
Call through any list of Leads without touching your keyboard or mouse.
Predictive Dialer
Built-in call automation software that allows your team to dial multiple numbers at once and get automatically connected when someone picks up.
Voicemail Drop
Call Transferring
Group Numbers
Call Recording


Geo Fencing
SmoothTracker enables you to monitor activities in Geo-fenced areas, allowing management to receive alerts when vehicle enters or leaves a specific Geo-fenced area.
Real Time Tracking
SmoothTracker transmits at an unprecedented 10-second real-time update, showing you precisely where your vehicles are the exact moment you need to know.
With the click of a mouse, you can identify excessive idling, wasted fuel, unauthorized vehicle use, wasted time at job sites, and unwarranted overtime.