Best Reasons To Employ A GPS Tracking System For Your School Bus

Sending off your child in school bus can be a fearful thing for parents. After all, they have no idea if their child has gotten to the school safely. This thought will be there until the child gets back home after school hours. But if the school bus is a delayed for reason unknown to the parents’ minds start racing.

Employing a GPS vehicle tracking system to track school buses is an effective solution. The concept of School Bus GPS Tracking is quite simple. It transmits real-time updates to parents and school authorities about the students’ location. Considering its simplicity and utility, this vehicle GPS tracking system is a beneficial and very important for school authorities as well as parents.

Best Reasons To Employ A Gps Tracking System For Your School Bus

Here below are reasons why you should ensure your child’s school authority employs a GPS tracking system.

  1. Addresses Child Safety Concerns

The major concern for every parent is the safety of their child. With SmoothTracker vehicle tracking system, school authorities as well as parents, get real-time updates on each student’s location. “Didn’t he get on the bus?” All such doubts become irrelevant. SMS notifications are sent for unscheduled stops entry, authorized area, and the real-time location can be checked from the system’s mobile application or through an automated SMS; thus quickly finding solutions during emergency situations.

  1. Acts as a Solid Record for referencing sake.

By having a GPS vehicle tracking system, a school will be able to checkmate and store the activity of each school bus. Combined with the RFID tags, it can be really useful in tracking a vehicle if they go missing. The information on the database can also act as evidence when and if accidents happen.

  1. Provides peace of mind

Obviously, employing a GPS school bus tracking system provides peace of mind to parents as well as school authorities. With real-time email and SMS notification, you will be able to know the reason behind the delayed school transportation. Sometimes it can be traffic jam, unfavorable weather condition, break down, or driver’s negligence etc. whatever the situation may be, parents and school authorities will know about it instantly.

  1. Maintains school bus attendance accurately

It is usually a tasking duty job to maintain attendance of each student separately. Also, taking attendance manually is prone to errors. Employing the help of a GPS tracking system like SmoothTracker, you will be able to record school bus attendance quickly and easily. The arrival and departure time obtained from the tracking system can be accurate and reliable one.

  1. Enhances School Bus Drivers Safety

Schools heads cannot always assign someone to accompany school bus drivers and ensure that they are following essential road safety rules. By using a GPS tracking system for your buses, you get access to details such as speed, fuel consumption rate, braking, and turning of the bus. With these data, you will be able to know whether the driver is driving safely and whether he/she is following road safety rules or not.

  1. Awaits avoided

By using a GPS school bus tracking system, parents are able to get real-time notification via email or SMS on arrival and departure timing of a school bus. Hence, long time waits and physical stress can be avoided by children as well as parents.


Technology has finally found a way to ease parents’ tension and stress. It’s time for schools in Nigeria to embrace it and make parents feel a lot safer. SmoothTrackers makes it easy for you. The popularity of GPS Vehicle tracking users in Nigeria especially for individual car owners, fleet company, is on the rise. Don’t be left out

What are your thoughts? Do you think the School Bus GPS Tracking System would be effective, and would you have any concerns? Share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comments section.


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