What you need to know about tracking device for vehicles

gps car tracker

GPS car trackers are portable devices that allow fleet managers, parents, and vehicle owners of all kinds to monitor and track their cars and trucks. Real-time GPS trackers for cars are capable of providing instantaneous speed and location data, while less expensive options record this type of information for later use. With SmoothTracker, it’s even possible to set up real-time alerts to go off whenever a driver speeds or deviates from a specific area.

How Does GPS Tracking Work?

GPS tracking uses a network of satellites to determine the location of a device that was specifically designed for that purpose. The basic idea is that a GPS tracker uses a process called trilateration to determine its physical location based on its distance from three GPS satellites. This is the exact same technology used by your portable or in-car navigation system.

When a GPS tracker for a car is capable of broadcasting its location, it typically uses the exact same technology that your cell phone does to make calls or connect to the internet. This is why some GPS car trackers require a monthly subscription fee.

What Are Car Tracking Devices Used For?

The main purpose of a GPS car tracking device is to let you know where your vehicle is at all times, and there are a lot of different scenarios where that can be helpful. For instance, if your car was stolen, but you had a tracker installed, you could provide the police with its exact location.

GPS trackers for cars also fall directly in the rift between free-range parenting and authoritative parenting. With the right tracker installed in your car, you can pull up their location in real-time, or view a record of where they’ve been, when they were there, and even whether or not they broke the speed limit.

Vehicle tracking devices are also tremendously useful for owners of large fleets of cars or trucks. Some use the technology to keep tabs on where their vehicles are at any given time to better coordinate daily operations, while others are more interested in tracking mileage for bookkeeping or reimbursement.

If you can think of any situation where you might want to know where your car is, or where it has been, then you might need a GPS car tracker.

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1) Prepaid


  • Device belongs to user
  • One year warranty and subscription fee
  • Free Installation in Lagos( T&C applied)
  • Complete premium tracking service
2) Installment Model
  • 3 months installment plan
  • One year warranty and subscription fee
  • Free installation in Lagos ( T&C applied)
  • Complete premium tracking service
3) Subscription Model


  • Monthly payment plan
  • Zero renewal or subscription fee
  • Complete premium tracking service
  • Life time warranty


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