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Frequently asked questions

What is SmoothTracker?

SmoothTracker is a unique fleet management solution that allows you remotely track your assets, driver behavior and fuel consumption effortlessly from a mobile phone or computer.

How do i install the device?

The device installation is done by SmoothTrackers Engineers, your request for installation can be made by selecting your desired plan.

Does SmoothTracker have an App?

SmoothTracker has an Andriod application on Google Playstore( CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Tracking can be done via the App and on desktop

How many models/plans does SmoothTracker have?

SmoothTracker has three plans,

  • Prepaid
  • Installment
  • Subscription model
How can i become a SmoothTracker Agent ?

To become a SmoothTrackers Agent. CLICK HERE

SmoothTracker offer her agent the opporturnity to earn, as long as you have a networks of car owners whom you refer for device installation.

How much do i earn as an agent ?

As a SmoothTracker Agent, you can earn as much as you refer. Each device installation referral earns you NGN2000.

How do i get paid as an agent ?

Every agent has a unique referral ID, Ensure to register users with your referral code. Our customer care excutives will notify you once your prospect makes payment and you will instantly be credited.

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